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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy National Gift Return Day

Today is the unofficial gift return day. That's when people trade in those things they don't want for something they do. Sadly, it's also engagement ring return day for those sad guys who's girlfriend said “no” at the Christmas marriage proposal. Sorry dudes.

I hope the commercial nature of the holiday did not ruin it for too many of you. My family's happiest Christmas took place the year we were totally broke. We let the children know they'd be getting very little for the holiday. We invited a lot of friends and family over Christmas Eve and had a really great celebration. There really is such a thing as the Christmas spirit.

Christmas is not my favorite holiday. Some holidays come with a lot of baggage attached. I've gotten better about it in recent years and do my best not to be a Hum Bug. This year we spent it with my step-mom and my new extended Florida family. We spent the holiday in her retirement park. One of the fun things was driving around in a golf cart, checking out all the decorations. Some of those retired folks go all out.

My lovely wife and I did not get anything for under the tree. Our gift to ourselves is sitting in a marina right now. We did pick up some nice things for our boat, so that counts. West Marine had a great sale on a handheld chart plotter. I'd wanted one for years and the price just came down low enough. We also got some essential but lest than flashy gear like sail repair items and hull plugs.

We'll be heading back to our boat soon and hope to be out on the water, maybe as early as Monday. If one is not careful it's possible to get stuck in a marina. Life is just a little too easy. While it's great to meet people and to have access to shore amenities, that's not what boats are made to do. The worse chains are the ones that you let slowly grow on you. There's sailing to be done.



  1. What a wonderful gift that will continue to give.

    I do dislike the hype of a materialistic holiday. Oh, how the collective We have ruined that holiday.

    Happy sailing.

    1. We don't have to let the commercialism get to us. Of course, when everyone else goes nuts, it's hard to stay sane.

      Thanks Gail.

  2. When I proposed, we were on top of Mt Washington after riding up on the motorcycle on the Auto Road. I figured if she said no, then she could find another ride down!

    1. Clever . . . but she's cute. Someone would have given her a lift. :)

  3. Ever since my mothers last Christmas sick with cancer all thru her and she passed in august the next year, I have always hoped to just skip Christmas and most holidays..We do have an only child she lives in NYC she goes out for Asian food and many movies, just another day to her, we went out to a movie and had a feast my hubs prepared but I don't shop until just before new years and get great bargains for my only and my hubs.>I cannot phanthom the holidays when so many hunger for food a place to live and basic neccesities the greed of many just makes me want to puke..How can a person live in a 15,000 square foot with 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, who cleans those bedrooms and potties, not I say the spy...Greed makes me ill to my tummy and so many people run afer material possessions with no mind to those millions who suffer in the USA lest alone the world, it makes me ill..

    1. There's enough for all to live pretty good, but that's not how it's turned out, has it?

      I had my reasons for disliking Christmas, but it's important to my lovely wife so I'm trying to not be a Grinch.