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Friday, April 29, 2016

Projects and bug out ideas

I've a lot of little projects that need doing. Most of them require warmer weather. We had snow on Monday and there's still pockets that haven't melted yet. It's been below freezing at night so even on sunny days it takes forever to warm up.

My lovely wife has started a lot of plants inside. With any luck they'll survive the transfer to the garden when it warms up.

The battery on the boat is totally dead. It's so dead it won't take a charge. At the end of last summer it seemed to be fading, so it's no real surprise it quit entirely. Better to discover it now than when the boat is on the lake.

I decided to take a trip into town to talk to my insurance company. A lot of people don't know that if they take their car into Canada they need a Canadian proof of insurance card. My insurance company hands them out free of charge but people have to ask for them.

It's funny how many people say they are going to run to Canada after the presidential election. Almost nobody will. Even if someone wants to leave the US and move to Canada, it's very hard for the average Joe to do so. Having a lot of money makes it easier, but plenty of countries accept rich people.

Most people can't even legally cross the border for a visit as most Americans lack valid passports. How many preppers have bug out vehicles but can't take them across the border? The best time to bug out is before everything falls apart. That means there'll probably be active border control, at least during the early stages. (when you really should be getting out)

Canada is a great place to visit, but there are reasons my ancestors left there. Factory work in New England beat the heck out of starving to death on a Quebec potato farm.

I must admit to being tempted to take a sailboat and disappear over the horizon until things sort themselves out.



  1. I follow a few sailboat cruiser blogs and I have to admit even at my age it is very tempting to buy a 37 foot sailboat and have it ready to go and when necessary then live on board in the Caribbean. :-)

    1. There are worse ways to live. Much better weather than Canada.

  2. Trouble is, if you get far enough away to escape western-style deterioration of society, you may end up in a civil war, a new muslim territory or a tidal wave.

    1. Always a consideration. Bugging out is a tough decision.

  3. Going viral now - Everything Wrong With Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

    ps. Would you consider adding CC to your blogroll?

  4. I'm thinking that I'm better off staying put. I don't care that much for the cold and I don't own a passport...never will, I reckon.