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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The return of the things

My replacement keys for the gun safe came in. Once I got the paperwork together and mailed it all out it only took a week. Pretty good service in my book. Nice to have easy access to all the toys. Sure beat digging out the heavy duty drill and destroying the lock. Much cheaper too.

The van is back in my yard. I'd lent it to my daughter so she could use it. Her and her husband are doing a major remodeling job on their house. With all the camping stuff pulled out of it the veggie van makes a pretty good construction material hauler. Nice to be able to haul full sheets of plywood. It mostly functioned as a shed for building materials.

Not everything from the missing wallet has been restored. With the exception of a debit card, everything else is pretty minor. It's stuff I don't think of until I try to use it, like a discount card from a local gas station or a card for a free drink at a coffee shop. Minor stuff in the great scheme of things.

There's also a pretty steady stream of items being delivered to the house. Nothing major, but it all adds up. While I got a decent check from my home owners insurance for personal items lost in the shipwreck, I'm trying not to spend it all at once. Some things don't have to be replaced because needs have changed. Other items were replace with donated items from friends and family.

All in all, things are pretty much back to normal . . . normalish?



  1. Normalish is pretty good, I'd say!

  2. "Some things don't have to be replaced ... Others replaced with donated items ..." Sounds to me like you are ahead of the curve on Spring cleaning, Sixbears. And thank goodness for insurance - don't like having to pay for it, but nice to have it when it's needed. I recently did the same ..

    1. I've gone many years without needing it, but lately it's been a godsend.