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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Back in the medical system

I kept my promise to my kids and went for a check up. It had been 8 years since the last time I went to see a doctor. It was to remove a lump on the palm of my hand and they messed that up. Still have the lump.

One good thing about waiting so long to see the doctor is that they don't do digital exams of the prostrate anymore. Digital does not mean computer. It means finger. Ick.

Moving on.

I won't really find out too much until the blood tests come back. That means they want to see me in a couple weeks. Since I was already in the office I figured I'd better make the appointment so as not to put it off -for another 8 years or so.

While there I decided to get my tetanus shot updated. Really should have had that done back when I jammed a pickaroon in my leg, but didn't even bother going to the hospital. It left an interesting scar as stitches would have been a good idea.

Eight years ago the nurse used a regular sized blood pressure cuff on my extra large arm. Because she used an undersized cuff the doctor thought I had high blood pressure. Today the new doctor used the correct sized cuff and got a normal blood pressure reading. The hypertension note was removed from my chart.

The blood tests will indicate if there's anything else that I need to do. Diabetes runs in my family and he wants to see my cholesterol numbers. Thats where things could get interesting. If there is something drastically wrong I suppose the prudent thing would be to deal with it. If my sugar and/or cholesterol numbers are trending bad but not in the gonna die right now category my goal is to deal with it using diet and exercise.

I'm not a big fan of fixing things with a pill, unless it's an emergency. However, right now I don't even know if I have a problem or not.

One thing the doctor never asked me: How do you feel?

I feel fine.



  1. Years ago, my cholesterol was 280 and the doc wanted to put me on dope. I asked about Vitamin E and he said it was useless. I wouldn't let him prescribe dope without me trying Vit. E. 30 days later, my cholesterol was 180. It doesn't work with everyone, but it did for me. 400 mgms.

    1. I'm not really worried about cholesterol. It never was an issue in the past and I can change the numbers pretty easily with my diet. At least that's how it worked out in the past.

      My main concern is sugar issues as it runs in the family.

  2. Good that you finally went for that check-up. You should take care of yourself!

    1. For a while taking care of myself involved avoiding doctors. However, I'm willing to give this guy the benefit of the doubt.

  3. Did you sign up for a colonoscopy?


    1. Nope, but agreed to doing the three stool sample card.

  4. I'm almost halfway through taking that horrid liquid. 2 liters tonight and 2 liters in the morning. I'm a big guy and I'm stuffed. No luck yet on the reverse volcano. It should start shortly. I'm ready to have this finished.

    I'm 70 and it's my first one. I was telling my dentist about it and he said I got this far, I might as well not do it. Not sure that's good advice though.

    Six you might want to go ahead and set it up. It will catch any problems down there before they get out of hand.

    Wade in NW Florida

  5. You're a very active guy so I doubt the numbers will be bad. As to a colonoscopy...the procedure is nothing, it's the prep that's tiresome.