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Monday, May 2, 2016

Decisions Decisions

My lovely wife and I have been home for over a month and a half, but it still feels like we just got here. We haven't even met up with all of our friends. There are only so many hours in the day.

There's an awful lot of projects to catch up on and we keep finding more. Recently we discovered our guest bedroom has small spots of light green mold on the ceiling. Normally mold isn't much of an issue, but we closed the house down in September when it was still hot and humid. The room was closed off from the rest of the house so that might have created the necessary conditions for mold. That room has to be cleaned, sealer applied, and repainted.

Of course, we are not all work and no play. The sailboat should be ready for adventures soon. My lovely wife has been thinking of sailing into Canada when things get a bit warmer. That should be interesting. Never sailed my own boat into foreign waters before.

The van appears to have some issues with the diesel fuel line plugging up forcing me to blow the lines clear with a small air compressor. It's annoying. Maybe once the old fuel is used up the problem will go away. Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer it's been possible to run the van on veggie again. That a totally separate fuel system. Once it gets to temperature the van runs best burning waste vegetable oil. Yes, it smells like French fries.

I must admit sailboats still catch my eye, but it really makes no sense to take on another project boat right now. In fact, what I should be doing is concentrating on a few little projects that have the potential to bring in some money.

While the pursuit of money doesn't interest me much it has come to my attention that I'm going to need to pay off some bills. Doesn't seem fair. Why should I be held responsible for my creditor's bad financial decisions? They are the professionals. They should have known better than to give me credit.

Kidding . . . I'm just kidding. Everyone will get what's owed them.



  1. There are mainly two groups of people:

    Group 1: The moneyed and therefore powerful.

    Group 2: The rest of us.

    There are two sets of rules; one for each group.

    Those sets of rules are very different in many ways, but they share one important commonality: Both sets of rules mainly exist to benefit Group 1 only.

    Once a person realizes those things, it tends to change feelings about obligation, guilt, decision-making, and other facets of life.

    Maybe there is a connection between those thoughts and this post.

  2. Easier to get the little projects done now, so you don't have to worry about them when sailing weather finally comes!

  3. Ah, the joys of home ownership.

    1. Ah, yes...the old money pit...I have a copy of that movie and would pull it out when the joys of home ownership were getting me down, always helped.

    2. It's my idea of a horror movie.