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Friday, March 8, 2019

Home Schooled

When I went back to college there was a really smart guy in my class who’d been home schooled. College was his first experience with the formal education system. He was bright, funny, articulate, polite and an interesting guy. He also didn’t stay in class very long. Basically he didn’t have much patience for the normal bureaucratic BS that every large organization has. My freshman class was larger than normal and that put a strain on the college’s ability to cope. The home schooled guy just walked away from the whole mess.

I’ve always wondered how he turned out. Back then I thought he was in for a hard time if he walked away from every stupid situation. The vast majority of us have to deal a certain amount of crap “out in the real world.” How was he going to be able to deal with a bad boss? Unfair deadlines? Unreasonable expectations? Would he walk away when things got tough and didn’t make sense?

Years later it occurred to me that maybe he turned out just fine. It could be he went on to have an amazing life because of his unwillingness to put up with crap. Sometimes we settle and suffer things we shouldn’t have to.

Then I got to thinking about the times I walked away from things: jobs, school, and relationships. You have to let the stuff that doesn’t work for you to find the stuff that does.



  1. All my grandchildren are home schooled. One is at University in England. All they're teaching kids here these days is how to take tests and become sheep. - Momlady

    1. The testing is so bad in MA it's one of the reasons my oldest daughter home schools her children.

      Congratulations on your grandkid's success!

  2. Very true, sometimes it is best to just walk away.

  3. child homeschooled went to clothing design school when 15 then went to college at 18 and straight a's major chemistry had to quit because of lyme disease but has always been able to get along with any age group because never stuffed into shoulder to shoulder marching with only her own age group
    much better rounded and able to think for self than we were after so many years of lock step living

    1. That's some real skills that you can't learn as part of the system.

      School for me was the worst time of my life.

  4. I reckon he turned out just fine!