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Friday, March 22, 2019

Solar, weed, money and culture

When I got into into solar electricity it was still pretty expensive. The industry was mostly supported by hippy pot growers and NASA. Since I wasn’t doing any satellite launches from the lake law enforcement assumed I wasn’t with NASA. They actually staked out my house with an unmarked car. That was pretty funny as we have just one road and the guy stuck out. I went over and invited him in for a cup of coffee but he didn’t take me up on the offer. The agent just drove off. Rude.

Now solar electric is going up everywhere. Solar electricity installer is one of the fastest growing jobs in the United States. You can’t get any more mainstream than that.

Speaking of going mainstream, another huge growth industry is the legal marijuana industry. That’s impressive considering that it’s not legal in many states still. There’s so much money involved that it wont be long before it’s legal everywhere.

In New Hampshire only medical marijuana is legal. However, it’s legal for recreational purposes all around us: Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and the whole freaking country of Canada. New Hampshire decriminalized it and frankly cops generally think they have better things to do. Once New Hampshire figures out a way to make money on it it will be legal here too.

The real economic revolution is going to be when hemp farming is legal and mainstream everywhere. Many years ago the wood paper industry lobbied to make hemp illegal because they could not compete with the fast growing plant. There’s going to be some big changes in agriculture and more fortunes will be made.

It’s funny how things are counter culture until someone figures out how to make a buck on it.



  1. The oil companies fought hemp, also. I'm not for legalizing pot, but I AM for severely reducing the penalties for use, possession and growing. Legal marijuana, I'm all for, as long as they try to keep abuse of the system to a minimum and don't use it for back-door gun control.

    1. Forgot about the oil companies. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. knew an innocent godly man lived on a dead end and he was staked out by govt guys in a black car with tinted windows after he wrote a letter to a senator in which he stated the truth.
    i bet the govt guys love these assignments- no chance of being shot, and paid for doing nothing.
    of course they stood out like a sore thumb!!
    with all the criminals running free the govt guys should have enough to do without harrassing the innocent citizenry who pay their wages.

    1. I notice they never stake out anything when it's 20 below zero.

  3. Oregon has legal pot for everything. When the law took affect the huge pot growing operations took over the majority of grows. There are legal pot shops everywhere. Now, the state says that there is a 6 year over supply. I guess some of these growers are going out of business, unless they go black market and sell if in other places. And, the home grows are everywhere, you see the plants in backyards.

    1. That's interesting. We'll see what happens here in New England. Legal pot is fairly new here. Not legal in NH yet, except for medical reasons, but the rest of New England is legal.