Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back to Boston

Just a heads up for my loyal readers. The lovely wife and I are currently in MA. Heading to Boston early in the morning. My wife is having some tests done. It's nothing critical. We are getting ahead of any potential medical problems she might have.

We'll be in MA and southern NH for a few days. I'm using borrowed computers to stay connected.

One of the things we are doing this trip is picking up a new netbook computer. My old laptop is getting fragile enough that I don't dare take it anywhere. Components have been known to fall out of it. The netbook will enable decent travel communications once more.

If I miss a post or two, it'll be due to our travel schedule.



  1. Best of luck. Hope they find all's well.

  2. Ditto Momlady. Do what you have to do. If you miss posting a blog, you will be missed but we will understand.

  3. CVS sells a notebook (SHARP?) for $99 plus tax, according to a friend LINUX can be installed on it.