Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When the big wigs go to jail

Former Illinois Governor. Rod Blagojevich is most likely heading to prison. You may remember him as the Governor who tried to sell Obama’s senate seat. Quite a few politicians have been sent to the big house. At the very least, scandal has forced them out of office.

Maybe I’m cynical, but I’ve got to ask myself if this really is a triumph of the legal system? Is is more likely they were losers in a power struggle among the power elite? For what I know of politics, plenty more of those guys should be in jail.

What about the financial elite? The economy crashed in 2008, mostly due to financial shenanigans at high levels. How many of the big boys have been sent away? Sure, Berni Madoff is doing time. Was it because his financial doings were total fraud and robbery, or was it because other wealthy elite people lost a lot of money. Was his real crime ripping off the rich? Judging from the lack of prosecutions, robbing the little guy is fine and dandy.

Anyone who’s had any dealings with the legal system knows you pretty much get as much “justice” as you can pay for. Rarely does the the poor guy stand much of a chance against the big guy. Judging from results, the system is set up to give the appearance of fairness. In reality, it’s often a way for the corporations to keep the little guy down. If we think we have a chance in court, we don’t take to the streets. The elite get a pacified populace and then does whatever the hell they want.

If we complain the system isn’t just, they point to the handful of power players who do go to jail. Never mind that they didn’t go to jail for what they did to the little guy. No, I suspect they were losers in elite power struggles.

Their big fear is that the people will wake up and demand real justice, for all.



  1. you will never see them share a cell with a small time criminal or get a buddy that makes them a "wife"

    equality under the law is a sick joke...

  2. Only thing equal about this old world, is the fact that we all die.
    Of course the rich get preserved a little longer, since they are soooo special.
    Though if you are rich, I can foresee a sudden rash of lead poisoning incidences in the near future.