Friday, June 3, 2011

Not worth the glue

I hate to throw anything out. For the most part, if it can be repaired, I'll repair it. That's what happened in the past, anyway. Recently I've come to the conclusion that some things aren't worth the cost of the materials needed to repair them.

I've a pair of Wally World sandals, about 4 months old and they are falling apart. At one time I'd just break out some good glue and repair them. Not this time. Quality glues have really shot up in price. Instead of wasting the glue on cheap sandals, maybe extending the life a month or two, I used the glue on the sailboat. Unlike the sandals, the boat should last years, so it's worth using the good glue on it.

What about sandals? My next pair I'll make myself out of old tires. Those will probably cost next to nothing and last forever.



  1. there is a lot of sub-par crap sold in stores these days

    tire sandels sounds goood...maybe make some from your tires?

    how about mocasins made from truck inner tubes?


  2. Think about the pair you're going to make, and how much time it's going to take. Now multiply that same time by what you think you're worth in dollars per/hr.
    Think ya coulda made those cheap ones for the same money ? Not likely.
    And we wonder why this country is failing ?
    We all think that our time is worth sooo much. Yet the other guys time is worth-less...
    Me thinks this attitude must change.

    Now for myself and things that I make,
    time just don't count...Quality does.

    Live Simply
    That others might Simply live

    Let me know which charts ya need,
    I'll put out the feelers....
    Rob D.

  3. They sell rubber slip on shoes, some with individual toes. BTW, I was busy yesterday and didnt' get a chance to comment on your blog. Oh so true that you can never go home again (only in your dreams). That was a great post.

  4. I believe the term is 'Planned Obsolescents'. The cost of a new item is less than it would take to repair the old. What happen to "Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without." And, of course, americans just love to shop, and its easier to throw out than repair. That's why the country is in the shape its in.
    Since Blogger is acting up and won't let me sign in, this is Sharon from the Meadow House Musings.

  5. Yeah, Blogger just ate my comment. One of these days I'll learn to copy it to the clipboard before I hit "post"...

  6. Wildflower: I've got a few tires to experiment with. Also have a truck tube, so maybe I'll try a moc with that.

    Spud: I don't mind paying for quality. Still, for $30, they should have lasted more than a few months.

    Dizzy: one of my daughters has those 5 toed shoes. She loves them. Not sure they even have my size -14.

    Sharon: I hate to shop. If my stuff never wore out, that'd be fine with me.

    Craig: Blogger's been wonky lately. At least the price is right.

  7. Tire sandals sound like an awsome project. Anxious to see how they work out for you. I plan on making some myself. If they work out, I'd like to try a pair of boots next.