Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not ready for prime time

The politicians are sniffing around New Hampshire, looking for those Primary votes. I must admit to not being too impressed with this year's crop. There's a bunch of retreads, trying to appear brand new.

Mitt? Get rid of the denim. We watched you for years when you ran Mass.. You are a high end suit sort of guy. Who do you think you are fooling?

Newt? Isn't that some kind of slimy belly crawler?

Sarah? Paul Revere was all about the lanterns. Not about bells and and shooting guns. If you are going to wrap yourself in the flag, please get the history right.

Donald? Please run so I can ignore you.

Now there's a mob of others running, but they seem pretty B list to me.

So I'm just one guy. Think you bozos can safely ignore me? New Hampshire is so small that a handful of voters can make a difference.

Fun fact about the New Hampshire voters. Most of us are Independent, but we can vote in the Primary by declaring a party right at the polls, just before voting. Then to add insult to injury, right after voting, we can declare ourselves Independent again. Since there's not much happening in the Democratic Primary, the vast majority of us are going to vote in the Republican primary. Darn few of us are party faithful. You'll have to win us over one by one.

Now I know no politician will solve our problems. Certainly not when they are bought and paid for by corporations. Love him or hate him, Obama is personally about as different from Bush as you could get. Yet nothing major changes. That tells me they aren't really in charge. It's all theater.

What do I want from a President? I don't expect them to solve my problems. I would like it if they'd not make the problems much worse. I'd love it if they'd stop putting road bocks in my way as I solve my own darn problems.



  1. one joke in that group (run Sara run)

  2. Well said. It's all theater, I like that. IMHO, the last descent President we had was good ole Harry S Truman.

  3. It would be pee in your pants hysterical if no New Hampshire voters showed up at the polls. The politicians would butt squeeze in their pants, their heads would spin endlessly on their shoulders while vomiting continuously because they now would know the voters have had enough of their lies and simply will not elect any more of them! Sadly, the real bottom line is the current crop of candidates are all MORONS and need to crawl back under their rocks and disappear forever.




  5. Let us see what has changed since 2008. Different words same results or worse. So the TEA party accomplished.... Boehner and Obama are golfing together and this is considered progress? No budget, unemployment, food stamps, gas prices... I'm not seeing much change. I have bit of hope that some folks are getting self-reliant. Gardens, Guns, Lead, Silver and Gold. I guess you could call that Change. LOL

  6. It's said that politics is a game adults play. Yeah right, it'd be great if there were some responsible adults in the game.

  7. I was born in 1934 I can remember as a child the results of the depression.The government created jobs than just as they can do today.I remember my dad working for 50 cents a day a work program that the government(congress) implemented to put people to work.The second world war advanced us 20 yr.Back then we learned to do without.Everyone did their share