Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The balance of physical and mental

After sitting around inside for a couple days, I finally got restless enough to do an outside project. In spite of the rain and mosquitoes, a bandaged thumb and a broken toe, I did some work on the boat trailer. Never dropped a wrench on my bad toe, and only had to replace the thumb bandage once. It felt good to do something physical.

Between injuries and bad weather, most of my efforts lately have been mental instead of physical -too much of one thing. Doing something physical did wonders for my mental state. Working on the trailer was mental too: measuring, adapting materials, and troubleshooting, but it was mental work in the physical realm. At the end of the day, there’s new stuff to look at. It’s different than trouble shooting a computer problem. At the end of the day, it’s still just a computer.

I did that too. Figured how to get Skype to work in Ubuntu on my netbook. After doing some physical outside work, the inside mental work goes better.

It’s about balance. Learn to play chess, but also study martial arts. Don’t live just in the head or just in the body.



  1. I am most pleased with "outside" work. That can be admired when completed. It's something one can see and touch, something which did not exist before one laid hands upon it. That's something which is severely lacking today...

  2. If you run out of projects to do, just come on down here, I got plenty to keep you busy- both mental and physical.

  3. So right about some physical work being able to clear the mind for some mental exercise!

    I gotta do something to get my head back on straight!

  4. "work will set you free"

    funny how doing other things lets you mentally fix other problems or at least work out usable solutions...