Monday, June 27, 2011

If the world doesn’t end

My wife and I went to a music festival about 20 minutes up the road today. Lots of my friends and family were there. It was a darn fine show. There was good music, a nice venue, and most of the rain held off until after the last act.

At the end of the show, the announcer said something a bit our of character. He said the festival will be held again next year, “If the world doesn’t end.” This apocalyptic tidbit was spoken as if he more than half believed it. After a brief hesitation, he went on with the rest of his announcements.

Sure, no big thing; a throw away line. I probably would have shrugged it off, if it wasn’t for a larger trend. Lots of people seem to be saying this sort of thing. Now I’m supposed to be the doomer. When so called normal people talk about things far outside of the mainstream, it makes me wonder.

There seems to be a feeling like we are in the calm before the storm. Today might look fairly normal, but the air is charged with electricity. People seem to expecting trouble.

Trouble is always coming, but there is a heightened “waiting for the other foot to drop” tension that’s there for anyone who wants to notice.

Now I’m a bit of a student of language. Often people reveal things with their words that they don’t consciously want to reveal. The truth slips out in spite of their efforts. Words have power and meaning. People let slip what they fear.

As for me, I’m hoping that the world I know is in a good enough shape that we all get to enjoy next year’s festival.



  1. Yup, maybe time to start spreading the word, that you're coming to their house cuz you ain't got but two cans of campbells soup to your name.
    The psyc war has most definitely started. People are seeing trouble ahead.

  2. I think a lot of people are starting to feel that things are not quite right!

    Even folks that never thought much about it are getting that "look over the shoulder" feeling!

    Sorta makes you wonder!

  3. world is changing not ending

    as for being there later depends on your actions or lack of them

    should be safe in your region....except for pease afb