Friday, October 7, 2011

More Police State News

Now it comes out that there’s a secret panel that can put Americans on a kill list. Look how far we’ve fallen. That’s not the sort of thing that happens in a country ruled by laws and a constitution. That’s what happens in a Police State.

At one time, the US had rules against assignation. Now it’s policy. Sure, the early examples are always people like Osama. This American, Awlaki, was supposed to be a bad man. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. After they killed him, his importance seems to have been raised retroactively.

Early targets of this sort of action are aways people whom almost everyone agrees are deserving of it. Once the machinery of assassination is in place, it’s very easy to keep using it to solve political problems. Rules keep getting relaxed. Where does that take us? Do we start doing drone strikes in Boston?

I think back to Machiavelli. To paraphrase, he said to take over a country, you keep the outward signs of the old system, but change the way it actually works. That’s what’s happening here.

How far down the Police State slope will we slip? Am I an alarmist? I hope so but fear that I may be right.



  1. Congress is sliding on a thickly greased up down side of the hill of corruption. The one thing I hope happens soon is for; what goes around comes around! :-)

  2. The difference is that this guy was not a political head of state. He was a member of an organization that has attacked our country along with many others, all the while boasting that their organization would do it again. The difference between now and years past also has a lot more to do with how public it is. This stuff used to be more "hush hush".
    If our country starts assasinating actual heads of state... out.

  3. I am sure glad I am at the end of my life, not trying to start at the beginning. I fear for our country and the good people in it.

  4. That is complete BS. Arresting him and going through due process should be the standard procedure. Just going out and assassinating anyone The Administration (ANY Administration, Repub or Dem) is plain murder.

    The say this is only reserved for Terrorists, but the definition of terrorist is getting a little 'fuzzy'. In some circles, anyone disagreeing with the Administration is called a terrorist - how long before these 'terrorists' are picked up for 'interogation'.

    Dizzy-Dick, I hear you. I have a young family and wonder what they have done to deserve such a fate. I certainly could not have imagined such a state of when I was a kid.

  5. Adam, the difference is the word "alleged". There was no trial. No jury. No burden of evidence. They just up and killed him because they felt like it, which sets an extremely dangerous precedent. Yes, there have been a lot of "hush hush" murders carried out by Amerika, and the fact that ANY of them go public should be taken for the warning that it is...