Thursday, October 13, 2011

Winter house sitters

My lovely wife and I had dinner with some young friends of ours. They are newlyweds and found themselves in an awkward situation. They were working on a farm and a rent free house came along with the job. Without warning, the farm was sold. They find themselves without a job and housing too.

Come January, my wife and I plan on leaving for Florida and sailing adventures. Normally, I winterize the house and shut everything down. It’s a bit of a pain, messy and time consuming. When I start the house up again in the spring, there always seems to be some little thing that needs repair. Still, it’s a lot cheaper than heating an empty house.

We invited our friends to spend the winter in our place. All they’d have to pay for is heat. Since they have relatives in the firewood business, even that won’t be too bad. They have to be out of their current house just when we’d be heading south. Looks like a win win for all of us.

It sure will make leaving a lot easier. No winterization, finding homes for house plants, and hauling all the guns out for safe keeping. There will be someone right here keeping an eye on things. They also have a couple of good sized dogs. That can be a problem when apartment hunting, but for me, it’s a security bonus.

I love it when two problems can be solved for the benefit of all.



  1. How wonderful to see a "problem" turn into a solution for both parties!

  2. I'm sure they are grateful for your help, it definitely sounds like both of you are the right place at the right time.

  3. What a perfect situation. It is a win-win and the only problem will be if they haven't found another place by the time you get home.

  4. Dizzy, the place is big enough that there's no hurry for them to move. We've shared the house with other friends and family in the past with few problems. It just takes honest communication and being willing to cut each other a bit of slack.