Sunday, October 23, 2011


It was my High School class reunion today. I did not go. The event was held only 25 miles down the road from me, yet I had little interest. What’s the point? I had a group of friends I was close to in High School. We kept in touch. As for the rest, there’s a reason we don’t hang out.

Some people go to these events to see how they measure up to their classmates. I don’t care. I measure success differently than most. Independence and freedom mean a heck of a lot more to me than money.

College reunions are even worse. I’m almost 20 years older than my fellow students. I’ve got grandchildren the age of their kids. A few lasting friendships were made, but not all that many. My path since college isn’t something they put in the college promotional literature -they measure success differently also.

I will stop by the Fire Station once in a while. There are still guys working there who I once served with. That’s a tight bond that lasts. They are always good for a cup of coffee and a few laughs. However, every year there are fewer guys I served with. Retirement and death takes its toll. When the last of those guys are gone, I probably won’t stop in there anymore. The new guys know who I am and would still be happy to pour me a coffee. We are still all brothers together, but we haven’t found the same dragons.

The past is the past. Looking back once in a while is fine, but treat it like driving a car. The occasional glance in the rear view is prudent. Don’t let it distract you from where you are going. Keep most of your attention on the present and future and you’ll be lest likely to drive into a ditch.



  1. I managed to get to a class reunion a few years ago. Since I live 1400 miles away, I don't get to see any of my old friends who still live around there and the ones that have moves away like me. I did enjoy mine and would try to go back again if they keep it simple.

  2. My 40th class reunion was held last July. I've never attended a reunion & never will. Like you, my "success" is measured differently than most.

    I did see pictures of this reunion and it amazed me how different people looked. The best looking girl in our class looks like an emaciated, sun dried piece of skin stretched over bones. A friend said she had difficulty walking & her teeth were loose.

    The class slut is now a judge. The class jock has been working in a hardware store for years and lives in a rooming house. He's never married and lives on baloney sandwiches and vodka.

    Of the 42 people who attended the reunion, I recognized four in the photos. Had I gone to the event, I would never have had to worry about how I look.

    Out of a class of 104, five have died - all violently. The reunion organizer could not locate 14 people and 20 of those invited to the reunion didn't respond.

    My best friend was among those classmates who died. I can't think of a one I'd want to keep in contact with. Lives take myriad twists and turns and I prefer my path. Considering what I know of some of my classmates lives since graduation, I count myself fortunate.

  3. I agree bout reunions, why ?
    High school is a memory not a preocupation.
    Some live their whole lives never really have grown past HS, pity. Life is so much more than petty cliks which are long forgotten.

  4. This year was my 30 year high school reunion, I did not attend. Like you, my friends I wanted to keep in touch were done, the others - meh. No offense to them, just not my cup of tea.

    Meatloaf had a great song about living in the past, OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR APPEAR CLOSER THAN THEY ARE, a pretty good song about leaving the past back there.