Thursday, October 27, 2011


Looks pretty odd right now, doesn’t it?

This is only the first 2 coats of blue paint. It’s going to get at least 3 more. Working outside, in cool temperatures, the paint has to be thinned a fair bit. Otherwise it’d never dry. I hope 5 coats will be enough to cover.

The doors, indicated with red and white paint will be painted a hunter green. The patriotic red white and blue motif is temporary.

There’s a chance of snow predicted for the next 4 - 5 days. I’m hoping to paint during the warmth of the day in time for it to harden up before the snow flies late at night.

Painting under these conditions sucks, but you do what you gotta do. Worse comes to worse I can always redo it later.



  1. Look forward to more progress photos.

  2. Very nice sir, its coming along. Painting in the cold wet weather must be quite a challenge. I live way down south, share the humidity, but way warmer temps. 1st real cold front blows through tonight, going to get down to the high 50's - brrrr! :^)

  3. THAT looks fantastic! good job! and i hope that your temps hold up so that you can get all the coats of paint on!

  4. Sixbear it looks great.Red is a hard color to cover.A couple of spray cans of grey from a dollar store makes it better to cover the red.Wish you luck i had to refinish my vending trailer got it finished neon yellow but where the decals were it crinkled. Had to sand and redo a few areas.BUT IT BEAT,S WHAT A PAINT SHOP WANTS TO PAINT A LARGE BOXBED.