Saturday, October 8, 2011

Waiting for phone calls

“I’ll get right back to you on that.”

That could mean: You’ll get a call back in a few minutes, hours, days or never.

“I’ll call you at 11 a. m..”

That one is already over a day late. The person was supposed to call yesterday morning. She called in the evening when we were out. Then she missed the morning call time again. Since it’s about an event on Sunday, the person better make that call soon.

I hate waiting for people to get back to me. Phone calls are the worse. Remember back in the day when phones were mounted on the wall or sat on a desk? Those days never left where I live. There’s no cell phone service here, so I’m stuck waiting by the land line.

Have people gotten used to everyone always being available at any time on their cell? That’s my guess. They can’t imagine that someone has to actually wait by a land line.

Most of the time I’m very happy to not be tethered to a communication device 24/7. This is one of those rare times when I wish I could be reached by cell phone. It’s the first nice day in a while when I could be on the sailboat.

*We said the heck with it and went sailing anyway. Thats what answering machines are for.



  1. I know how you feel. I am still waiting on the plumber to give me a call back (I have called twice) on a giving me an estimate on putting a hand pump on my well in the back yard.

    I gave up on the fence guy calling me back, that has been a year....

  2. Back years ago, I heard a story about a NH farmer. A guy stopped and asked this farmer for directions when the farmers phone started ringing inside the house. The guy asked, "arn't you going to answer that". The farmer replied that he put it in for "my" convenience (not theirs).

  3. I think mostly people dont honor their word anymore. My parents taught me that if I make a commitment, I better keep it no matter how small or insignificant.

    They could of called after all you have an answering machine, they just choose not to or at least not in the time frame they gave you.

  4. Dizzy I used to date a guy that would go crazy because I did not answer my home phone. Told him about the same thing the farmer said :)