Saturday, December 5, 2015

Another long drive

With our business in New Hampshire wrapped up, my lovely wife and I are back on the road. Originally we'd planned on a Friday departure, but my wife's tummy bug said otherwise. That's part of the reason we had a fairly late start on Saturday.

There was also a couple errands to run and one last stop at the house before heading south. A few things were dropped off, lightening the load a tad. When going through my charts I discovered my ICW chart book wasn't in the chart bag. It took some digging around my home office, but finally the chart book was found.

The previous owner of my sailboat sent an e-mail. He has the parts for an unfinished job and wants to help me do the final repairs. That, and he want's to take us out sailing to literally show us the ropes. We could sail it with what we know, but he's going to show us how to race it. It was with some pleasure I was able to inform him we were already in transit.

However, we aren't pushing day and night like we did on the northbound trip. Currently I'm in a hotel in PA. We didn't hit the road until after noon, but still put in over 465 miles. It's a start. While we were still three hours out my lovely and clever wife booked a pet friendly room, getting one of the last ones in the area. Nice.

With any luck we'll be on the trail bright and early.



  1. How nice that he wants to show you the little 'tricks' of your new boat! We did the same for the new owners when we sold our last one. Happy sailing!

  2. Heading South must feel good, especially knowing that a boat awaits as do further adventures. Have a safe winter.

  3. My off and on lower gut issues have been resolved by taking some probiotics I buy online. Just one a day.
    Bigoot in TX

  4. It was good to see you and the Mrs. again while you were up! Safe travels!

  5. Glad you are getting back south while the getting is good!