Sunday, December 27, 2015

Back to the Fort

Fort Myers, that is. We are heading back to the boat after pretty much doing what we set out to do. Christmas was spent with our Florida family. Just about everything we needed for the boat has been purchased. Our sail has been reinforced. My lovely wife and I even got to see the new Star Wars movie.

I'm really hoping to untie the lines on Monday. If everything goes right we'll be able to do so. That could happen. After all the delays we've had, it would be nice if something went smoothly.

Weather here has been unseasonably warm. Sure, you don't expect real cold in Florida in winter, but it's been warm even for Florida. Normally we'd be in a hurry to head south towards the Keys. This winter we can head north from Fort Myers for a bit. There are people we'd like to get in touch with -once we find out what their plans are.

Of course, scheduling anything while traveling by sailboat is an exercise in futility. After all, we ended up renting a vehicle for our Christmas gathering because we didn't have time to sail there.



  1. Hope your coming days bring you sun and fair winds.

  2. Good to hear things are going well in Florida. Up here we got teased with snow, then it melted away before Christmas. Never had Christmas without any snow. Very weird. Finally getting some more snow this monday though! We've had it too easy up north so far, sow waiting for the other (snow)boot to drop!

    1. Now imagine Christmas with decorated palm trees . . .

      Not a good year for skiing so far. I've talked to people up north who are expecting to pay for the warm start of winter with a big dose of cold and snow.

  3. Send some of that Florida sunshine up here to Joisey! Have a good trip!