Monday, December 28, 2015

Back home on the boat

It's nice to be back home on the boat. I'm looking forward to finding a quiet anchorage, kicking back and relaxing.

We will be one of the few heading out as almost nobody wants to move before the New Year. Today I found out there will be a fireworks display at the park next to the marina. The marina is great place to view the action, but the poor dog would go nuts. It's just as well that we'll be away.

The boat is well supplied with stainless steel hardware, marine paint, and other materials. There's no excuse to get bored.

Every day I become more and more aware that the marina sits right in a city. It's not a huge city, but big enough to have city problems.

This is the city that had a deadly shooting during the zombie walk at a zombie convention. That happened just down the street from the marina. Just beyond the very attractive downtown the neighborhoods get pretty sketchy. There also appears to be a sizable homeless population. That in itself doesn't freak me out, but it's a sign of the times.

Hope to be blogging from out on anchor soon.