Tuesday, December 29, 2015

High speed boat chase

Things are interesting here in Fort Myers. There men were apprehended on the high seas after a 20 hour boat chase. They stole a “go fast” boat. These babies have 3, 300 hp outboards on the back. Apparently they are in high demand in Mexico.

I didn't see any of it as it. Just as well we were not on the water. Imagine being run over by such a boat? The chase was pretty reckless for a while there.

The same day a sister ship to the one that was stolen pulled into the marina. The boats are just big enough to hang all that horsepower on the transom. Imagine how much gas those 300 hp outboards must burn?

I'd planned on heading out of the marina today, but my lovely wife said Tuesday. Tuesday it is -for real this time as I told the marina to process my paperwork. This has been an expensive few months. Some time living free at anchor will give my budget a chance to recover a bit.



  1. I am way too old for a small boat with 900 hp of push. Just give me my old canoe.