Thursday, August 29, 2019

Back from the left coast

My lovely wife is back home after spending most of August in California visiting family. I picked her up in Boston Tuesday night. While in MA we visited family. The two of us made it home just after dark Wednesday.

It turns out that some house plants need to be watered. Who knew? Her succulents survived, as did the one plant on the kitchen table. Being right in front of me day after day, that one was watered . . . once.

Well, the garden was watered regularly. The best thing about most gardens is that they are outside. We got a fair amount of rain this month. If my lovely wife had put the house plants outside before catching a plane they might have stood a chance. Apparently I’m not much of a houseplant guy.

In other news I see tropical storm Dorian is now hurricane Dorian. Right now it appears the storm may hit somewhere around central Florida. Strength could get up to category 3 or even higher. A few outlier models have it going as high as a five. Frankly, a two or three is plenty high enough.

If you are in hurricane territory, keep your eye on developments. (I’m taking to you Spud.) It’s really too early to make a solid prediction where it’ll make landfall. It’s not too early to check your storm preps and correct any deficiencies. If you have a bug out plan, make sure your vehicle is fueled up and ready to go.

If you do bug out, I have no idea what to do about your houseplants.



  1. Don't know yet , but probably will hunker down.
    Got fuel plenty and we could survive two years or so on supplies on hand.Lots of water too.
    It would take a thirty foot surge for flood waters to get us.
    Driving to Whorelando to evacuate with all the other that would be scarey.
    Imma gonna be pissed tho if Dorian knocks down all my new fences ! Or blows off my new roof we just put on this year too.

    1. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to keep and eye on this one. Of course, right now it could hit anywhere between Jacksonville and Miami.

  2. Looks like it's zeroing in on Mira Lago now hee hee...