Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Bunkers of the rich and famous

Sales of luxury doomsday bunkers are up. One of the big trends is to turn decommissioned missile silos into hideaways for the rich and famous. Interesting how those who’ve screwed things up for the rest of us are buying bolt holes for hard times. Should society collapse they plan on escaping to their bunkers with media rooms, swimming pools and fine wines.

Frankly, I’d rather take my chances on the outside with the radioactive zombies.

Take a number of rich highly entitled people who are used to getting their way. Now cram them all together in an underground bunker. No matter how big it is, it won’t be big enough to contain all those massive egos. Their skill sets and favorite pastimes involve stabbing people in the back to get ahead. Everyone will be striving to be the Alpha Wolf. That’s going to be fun, I’m sure.

Will they have their security people with them? What’s to prevent the elite from being eliminated by their own Praetorian Guard? Just like the Roman Emperors of old, their biggest threat will be very people trusted to protect them.

If they survive the bunker, then what? At some point they plan on returning to the surface. How will that work out? Any idea how the survivors will treat them? They will have to face people who’ve been strong enough and clever enough to survive. (Perhaps ruthless enough?) There are always survivors. How do think that reunion will play out? Are you going to bet on the hardened survivors or the pasty cave dwellers?

What’s to keep the people outside from sealing the exits and plugging the air vents? Maybe the elite should put more effort into fixing the problems they caused than trying to run away from the consequences.



  1. This story gets revived about every 2 years or so. It's at least as old as the days after 9-11(01) so, yeah, whatevs. Someone is just ripping off rich folk.

    Now, if I had a cool mil or so I'd buy that Nike base in Maine or the old Safeguard site that's up for sale. Or maybe an old Atlas-E site, just because they make great homes with some to quite a lot of refurbishment.

    I am one of those people who love not seeing the sun. Sunlight bad for me. And I like it cool. So some underground 68 degree place would be perfect. Again, if I had the money...

    But these guys? Again, trying to sell this idea for years and years... Just media click-bait, that's all.

    1. They are selling a long of bunkers to somebody. Personally, I need my dose of vitamin D from the sun.

    2. Well, bunkers and hardened buildings do make nice quarters, within reasons.

      I'd do it if I had the scratch. But then again I can burn on a cloudy day.

      I find them attractive for the separation from people, defensive capabilities is a distant 3rd or 4th.

      To each his own.

      Though I still want either that Maine Nike base or that Sprint base... Mmmmm... Sprint missiles... loved watching those launch back in the early 70's... ah, good times...

  2. Then they likely would not be rich, if they actually acted as such.
    One must be selfish in order to ever accumulate wealth I think. Or extremely brilliant and innovative, though even this is no guarantee of wealth. You must also surround yourself with loyal partners. In which case you're not likely going to be rich, because you shared that wealth with those that helped you earn it...
    Ask Mark Zuckerbergs partners, or Bill Gates or LOL Don the Con Trump...

    1. They have a history of pushing out the people who helped them become rich. Greed is a powerful force.

  3. "Maybe the elite should put more effort into fixing the problems they caused than trying to run away from the consequences."

    It would be much smarter for those ultra rich to find a safe haven in a foreign land far away where no one knows who they are. As Remus (Woodpile Report) often says - STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS.

  4. Gee, Sixbears, if you could turn that into a screen play, I bet it would sell! ;-) (Seriously!)

  5. I believe with their egos they would in less than 30 days kill each other. If they didn't then when they surfaced the survivors would cut their heads off and put them on a stick. The survivors would be hardened Preppers with a bad attitude.

    1. You are just trying to cheer me up Mike.It's working.

  6. There are a lot of rich people who aren't walking sacks of poop. Don't lump all well off or rich people together as Evil. That's not who we as Americans aren't supposed to.

    Now, singling out complete butt-heads for derision and scorn, well, that is as American as Apple Pie!

    Zucker and Gates, yeah, jerks. They'll get theirs...