Saturday, August 10, 2019

I’m Back

Life has gotten interesting. Long story short, my lovely wife had planned on heading out to California to visit my daughter and grankids near the end of the month. Last weekend we discovered that they could really use her help out there sooner rather than later. Sunday she rescheduled her flight and left out of Boston on Monday.

Currently I don’t know how long she’ll be out there. She has a flight home scheduled near the end of the month, but could come back sooner if conditions change.

Between lack of sleep, lots of driving, and road food I wasn’t feeling all that great myself. It took a couple days to feel fully human again. There have been a lot of things to catch up with around here. We’ve had a number of strong thunderstorms lately, slowing down my outside projects. With the heat and rain my lawn was well on its way to becoming a rain forest. More comfortable weather is predicted so I should be able to catch up on the important items.