Monday, August 19, 2019


Some people who once were happy to call themselves Preppers are dropping the term. They are still about able self-reliance, food security, alternative energy, and being prepared. So why do they no longer use the term?

Apparently there are people who’s concept of prepping is to stock up on just guns and ammo. They expect to have to shoot their neighbors when times get tough. That’s a big difference from those who think working with a community is the best way to survive.

Personally, I’d rather feed a neighbor in need than shoot them. Sheesh, is it that hard of a choice? If your neighbors are that terrible maybe you should move. If, on the other hand, if you’ve moved a lot and your neighbors are always bad it’s not them it’s you. You are the jerk.

There have always been people who think the only thing necessary for survival in a collapse situation is having guns. They think a gun will get them everything they need. That attitude will actually get them killed as they will, rightly, be considered a threat to the community.

We live in a weird time. Lone wolf gun guys can connect with other scattered lone wolves across the planet. They reinforce their beliefs. The problem is that when it comes time to actually survive in crisis, what you actually have are the mixed bag of people around you. An under recognized skill is the ability to get along with people who aren’t like you.

Sure, I’ve got guns too, but it’s not the foundation of my preps. It’s the reality of living in the country. I’ve had bears try to break into my house. While I didn’t have to shoot any, it was good to have that option. Then there was time a groundhog was unusually aggressive. Suspecting it might have rabies, I shot the poor thing. Felt bad about it too, but rabies is serious.

To be honest, it is conceivable I might need a gun for household protection, but odds are that are quite low. However, when you live out in the country, it’s a long time before a 911 call is responded to. So sure, I have guns, but it’s certainly not the center of my lifestyle. At my house a person in need is much more likely to be greeted with a coffee and a kind a word rather than bullets.



  1. Had to eat the food already, the guns are all that's left! - lol

  2. Well said...H2O and food #1.. guns and ammo good to have for protection... extra food for the hungry relatives or neighbors... good thoughts.

    1. You take care of people and they become allies instead of threats.

  3. That kind of talk is downright un-American.

    When did that happen?

    1. What? When did I become un-American?

      Looks like somebody needs a nice cup of coffee.