Saturday, August 17, 2019

Friends bearing gifts

A good friend of mine came up from downstate. He had some family business to take care of in town and stayed at my house. We had a great evening, went out to dinner and hung with family members. Good times.

He works for a tech company and brought up a couple of computers he didn’t need anymore. That was a huge boost for me. One needed a keyboard and a monitor, but I already had those in storage. It didn’t take too long to get it up and running and it’s a nice desktop computer now.

The other one was a small notebook computer. It had only been used to power a presentation at a conference once. I had an earlier version of that computer and loved it. It was a great travel computer. While small, the keyboard is large enough for even my giant fingers. The screen on this one is a little bigger than my old machine.

The computers are in like new condition. The desktop one was still in the original box and had never been used. The company bought it for a project that got canceled. They were going to throw it away. I’m glad my buddy thought of me.

Both computers run versions of Linux that I’m familiar and comfortable with. They’ll handle my rather basic computer needs just fine. It’s good to have friends.