Saturday, January 28, 2023

Back at it

It’s been a tough patch. I blame cancer. I’m fine. The lovely wife is fine. The kids are fine. Recently my father-in-law has been going through a bad patch with his chemo. I’ve a couple of cousins dealing with breast cancer. My mother and her sister both died from breast cancer. My cousins are getting early treatment and I’m hopeful. 

A while back I blogged about a friend who was working from his hospital bed. He’s not working anymore. He had a bad episode and ended up back in the hospital. He couldn’t talk or do much of anything. For a while there it looked like the most we could hope for is to get him into hospice. Fortunately, he recovered enough that he’s back home -for now. Thank goodness for home health care. 

A lot of the guys I worked with at the fire department died of cancer. Cancer rates are high among firefighters. 

The high number of my friends and family dealing with cancer got to  me. It was overwhelming for a bit there. 

This is not the blog I intended to write, but it’s what came out. Thanks for bearing with me. 



  1. Yeah my Doctor at the VA ain't happy , that I won't submit to cancer screening. Told her that I just plain don't wanna know. Besides that , she knows that I won't take chemo or radiation, let alone surgery...
    Hell I'm 69 yrs old ! Had a decent enough life. It will end , when it does.
    However , your mileage might differ from myself and I don't begrudge you going the route of your choice.

    1. It seems that if you live long enough you get cancer. Since I almost died at age 35 the last 30 years have all been bonus. Heck, I had a close call at 24.
      I'm beginning to suspect my friend's cancer treatments ruined what few good years he had left.

  2. Friends talk about real life.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. You are welcome. Didn't want this to be a downer but such is life sometimes.

    2. Life is a terminal disease - it gets us all in the end. Accept that fact and make the most of what life you have.

  3. I feel ya. Lost my father, two aunts, two uncles, my baby brother and my best friend to cancer.

  4. Speaking through the pen is as cleansing as a morning shower. Welcome back.