Monday, May 27, 2024

Mad Max Season

The off road vehicles are back. Over 1000 miles of trails are available from here in the North Country of New Hampshire. 

One of the big shocks for people new to the area are seeing all the ATVs on public streets. It’s totally legal in many communities around here. When you see a whole line of these tooling down the road it’s like something out of Mad Max. Some are more Mad Max than others, with tools and gas cans strapped all over, big whip antennas, and numerous flags flying. Coat with a nice layer of road dust and all you need is a flame thrower guitar for the full effect.

Most people who come up to ride are pretty decent. They should have three things: mirrors, mufflers, and manners. Mirrors so they can see who’s coming up from behind them. Mufflers so as not to be a loud annoyance. Manners -because manners are always good. 

Sadly, we also have people getting hurt or killed every season. Usually it’s speed, inexperience or alcohol causing the issues. Sometimes a combination of all three. 

This is the start of the silly season. It could be interesting.


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