Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Weird Roots

My lovely wife finished planting the last of the garden yesterday. She happened to dig up a small bucket of last year’s sunchokes. (formerly known as Jerusalem artichokes.) 

I cleaned them up, diced the roots, then fried them in olive oil with mushrooms. They were pretty tasty. 

If you ever plant sunchokes you have to be sure you want them. They are almost impossible to get rid of once established. That’s fine. I like having an emergency food supply that thrives on poor soil and neglect. 

Storing them long term can be a problem. Unlike white potatoes you can’t just dig them up and expect them to last. However, they can be sliced up and dehydrated. Usually those end up in soups and stews. 

Leaving them right in the ground works. Worse come to worse it’s a hidden food source that could be dug up in the middle of the winter. 



  1. I understand they make a lot of folks ah, gassy.

    1. There are cooking techniques that take care of that. It can be an issue, but we were fine.

  2. Care to share the cooking techniques please.

    Got a patch of them, wife refuses to eat them after the first 3 attempts.