Thursday, May 23, 2024

Power Outage

So for some strange reason about 1700 residents lost grid power in my neck of the woods. It was a  beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the 80s. That’s actually pretty warm for this time of the year. I’m not acclimated to the warm temps yet. During the outage I was sitting under my ceiling fan drinking a cold lemonade. It’s good to have solar battery backup. 

Other parts of the country are much hotter and also dealing with power outages. There’s a lot of severe weather happening across the country. I hope things calm down by next week. My lovely wife is flying down to Houston Texas to deal with some family issues. She’ll be staying with her sister.

So far their Houston suburb has not loss power, was missed by tornadoes, and wasn’t flooded. Other family members in Texas were dealing with power outages and flooding. Houston is basically a city built in a swamp. 

The funny thing is that the local lakes are still pretty cold. On yesterday’s scooter ride my path went past a big lake. The air temperature dropped a good 10 or 15 degrees by the water. The cool air was welcome as I ride with a heavy jacket on. It’s a bit hot, but I’d be happy to have it on if I dumped the bike. Also, there’s all the freaking bugs this time of year. You really don’t want to hit a bumble bee at 60 wearing a T-shirt. 

Eventually the grid came back on so that was nice -if not totally necessary.



  1. Going 60 mph on a scooter , with them itty bitty wheels...not me lol

    1. The PCX has 14 inch wheels. Most scooters have 12 or even 10 inch wheels. It makes a difference.