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Monday, May 7, 2012

Back to Archery

The young couple who house sat for us this past winter are now renting a cabin on our lake. They love the area and it’s located in a good place for the jobs they have right now. It will be fun to be able to get together on a more regular basis.

While house sitting, the guy discovered my archery range among the trees. He wants to do some archery and that inspires me to get back into it. I enjoy it, but it’s more fun to shoot with other people. Nothing like a little competition to inspire practice.

I’ve a 45 pound recurve bow with wooden arrows that I use when shooting with my SCA friends. My wife has a traditional crossbow, but hasn’t used it much since her shoulder surgeries. We don’t get to shoot with those people as much as we used to.

When I’m serious about shooting, I’ve got an old compound bow set at 70 pounds. I’ve a set of target arrows and another set with nasty looking hunting tips. The bow is a bit of out date, used to be my dad’s, but shoots just fine. I’m not going to spend a pile of money just to look fashionable.

I keep a current bow hunting license, even though I haven’t bow hunted in years. By keeping a license current, I’m grandfathered and don’t have to spend money and time on the state safety course. This year, I might actually hunt with the bow, especially since I’ll be practicing.



  1. Our local paper had an article about how the success of the Hunger Games has brought out a new enthusiasm for the archery.

    It was rather entertaining. The new archers use a lot of book/movie references to compliment each other.

  2. Haven't seen the movie, but it makes sense.

  3. Wow, 70 pounds - you iz strong dude! I've got a 45 # recurve longbow and my shoulder screams 'You aren't as young as you used to be! - Watch Out'. More exercise for me.

    Archery is a lot fun, I hope you have a great time getting back into it.

  4. It's a compound bow so once you get it puled all the way back, it's not bad at all.

  5. A compound bow or crossbow is on my "long list"...

  6. Replies
    1. You smelled that through the internet?! : )

  7. Might be a fun way to get together...and to put some extra food on the grill!

    1. That's what I was thinking.

    2. What about trying bowfishing? Combine both activities (sailing and archery), protein while on the go ?

  8. That would be fun. I'll have to check my state's laws. As a weird aside, VT allows fishing with shotguns.