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Friday, May 25, 2012


It took all morning to change fuel filter on the diesel. The vehicle is based on a Ford ES 350 one ton van. Van mounted engines are tight to work on at the best of times. The new filter was “improved.” Instead of being a cartridge type filter with a separate cover, the cover is now mounted on top of the filter.

The new configuration is much harder to install. Much more stuff had to be disconnected from the engine -wires, hoses, brackets, and the whole air filter assembly. I’m glad I did it in my driveway where I had access to my big toolbox.

All the extra tools needed to change the new filter has been moved to the vehicle toolbox. They will be there when I need them.

The auto parts store only had on filter in stock. I ordered another and that will be in tomorrow. I’m in the habit of keeping at least one replacement fuel filter handy. It would be a real annoyance to be stuck on the side of the road because of a simple plugged filter.

The old filter was bad enough that I don’t know how it worked at all. One of the things that happens when a diesel is converted to run on vegetable oil is that the veggie cleans a lot of crud out of the engine. That curd ends up in the diesel fuel filter. After a while everything is cleaned up and the fuel filters will last like they are supposed to.



  1. Can you use an over sized filter or multiple filters in parallel? Multiples in series would only work as long as all are clear, but parallel would work until all were clogged. Just wondering.

  2. Once the system is cleaned up the diesel filters last a long time. The veggie filters have a slightly smaller micro so they'll get all the gunk.