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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Old Friends

I’ve got to admit I’m lucky to have good friends that go way back to childhood. While a few live nearby, most of us are scattered across the country. There never was much opportunity out here in the woods.

A good friend of mine and his wife live over in Maine. Once in a while we split the difference and meet halfway. Saturday, that’s just what we did. The weather was perfect. We sat outside a coffee shop, sipping our drinks, soaking up the sun and and catching up. It was great.

There’s nothing like friends who’ve been together through ups and downs. If you’ve had any sort of sever setback: injury, job loss, divorce -any one of life’s major trials, you learn who your friends are. Some may turn out to be fair weather friends. Others will take a bullet for you.

Once my motorhome project is finished, I hope to be able to visit some of those more widely scattered friends. Anyone who’s known me that long, and still likes me, is worth a visit.



  1. It is hard to find really "good" friends. Keep a tight hold on the ones you have.

  2. I lost my 3 best friends in a span of 2 years. We're talking 46 years of friendship, since high school, thru thick and thin. Life ain't been the same or as good since. Cherish your old friends, they love you in spite of your faults.

  3. Old friends are indeed treasures! Most of my long time friends are gone now, but they left a lot of good memories with me for safe keeping!