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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The insurance was worth it

I learned a valuable lesson last year. AAA won’t do much of anything for you if your boat trailer burns out a wheel bearing crossing the Everglades. It was an expensive lesson.

A tow truck driver told me about BoatUS trailer insurance. They’ll take care of the boat trailer and the tow vehicle. It was less than $40/year.

This year while towing the trailer, the truck had problems. I had the truck and boat towed 158 miles. The tow truck guy wasn’t a regular BoatUS company, but they agreed on the phone to reimburse me.

I had to fax them the bill. Lacking a fax machine, I used Got Free Fax to fax over the bill using a scanner and a computer. That worked fine.

My insurance was for only 100 miles. I expected to eat the over mileage. Instead, they covered the whole bill. Turns out I also have boat insurance with BoatUS. There was some tow insurance that I wasn’t even aware of.

I’d only gotten boat insurance because many marinas now require it. Since we had planned on stopping at a few of them, an insurance paper to wave around looked like a good idea. Marinas pretty much accept zero liability.

Insurance is one of those things I really had to pay for. I probably drove over a million miles before I got roadside insurance of any type.

Outside of being a customer, I’ve no connection to BoatUS. I just thought I’d pass along that they really pulled through for me when I needed it. Anyone trailering a boat any distance might like to know it’s available.

I wish I knew about it last year before my Everglades misadventure.



  1. That is good information to know.

    1. That's why I put it out there. Might save somone else down the road.

  2. It is always nice to hear that there are still some companies that fulfill their obligations and maybe take it a step further.

    1. They were surprisingly easy to deal with. At least that was my experience.

  3. I'm certainly glad you shared this information with us. Even though I don't have a boat, it's always good info to have!

    1. I thought it might save someone some pain and suffering, and maybe a few bucks.