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Thursday, May 17, 2012

That’s why we test.

The diesel to waste vegetable oil conversion is under going tests. Everything did fine in the driveway test. Then it died about 2 miles from the house due to air in the line. Switching to diesel purged the air out and it started up again.

It was running much better during a 20 mile round trip test. On the 30 mile test it blew a coolant hose at about mile 29. That’s why we test.

The clear hose was an experiment. It was left over radiant heating hose rated to take the temperature. Maybe it could take the heat, but it couldn’t take the pressure. Oh well. I’ve gone back to a braided vinyl hose that worked fine on previous installations. However, that cost an extra $50 for the hose and more coolant. That was probably too much, but nothing goes to waste.

I can never leave well enough alone with these conversion projects. There are always new materials or different configurations to attempt. Sometimes they blow up on the side of the road. Oh well. I’m a big believer in destructive testing.

My lovely wife and I got called into town to do babysitting duty for one of the grandkids, so the rebuilt will have to wait a day. That’s probably for the best. That way I’m not tempted to work on the vehicle while it’s still hot.

These little setbacks just make things more interesting.



  1. A babysitting job sounds like a good diversion and maybe you'll come up with more ideas while there.

  2. Got the hoses replaced. Currently adding coolant to the system and purging the air out of it.

  3. Testing, absolutely! I never assumed anything I've done is "good to go" until it is put through it's paces to my satisfaction. Especially when dealing with boats/vehicles. Getting stranded sucks...

    1. It will be a while before I trust the modifications, but in the end it'll be reliable.