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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting everything together

My lovely wife and I are having a fine time. We are still waiting for a good weather window for an extended trip. I've a small craft, so small craft advisories are taken seriously.

We don't make a big deal of it, but my lovely wife is on disability for fibromyalgia. Some days she suffers more than others. If she has a bad day while out on the sailboat, I can operate it alone while she rests in the cabin. However, we don't start out when she's having a bad day. The added stress and activity of preparing the boat for launch is too much for her.

I've found some alternative launch sites. They would allow us to go directly to more protected waters. Our preferred launch site requires good conditions as there's 27 miles of unprotected waters to travel. In fact, if the wind shifts around to the east, there's no protection for an additional 12 miles. Under the right conditions, it's a beautiful sail.

Friday conditions look good. There's a superstition that claims it's bad luck to leave on a sea voyage on a Friday. I believe it's bad luck to be superstitious.

Until we launch, dad is happy to have us around. We've plenty of other fun in the sun things to keep us busy.



  1. As you know, the first thing is to stay safe, the second is to enjoy yourself.

  2. I hear you about the weather. I have been playing with some 50 square foot sails on a short mast. There's a steep learning curve for me there. The weather has been nasty here too. So I wish for better weather for you.
    I'm having a bad time of making the adjustment from sailing models to the one to one scale craft. I'm having better luck with the kayak though, Thank gods for a wet suit. Damn water was 32 degrees. Godspeed for you when the weather breaks.

    1. It's not "bad" weather, exactly. It's just not good for a long sail in open waters.

      As for cold weather boating, Most years I've launched my canoe with snow in the banks and ice floating in the water.

      One year a friend and I did a trip where we launched on a river and were supposed to cross a long lake at the end a few days later. We bet, correctly, that the ice would be off the lake by the time we got there.

  3. Should get get some wind out of the west by friday. If ya like 30 knot winds...above 20 is brisk and stresses the rig...

  4. Whatever you do or when you do it, be safe, you hear?

  5. Six Bears,

    I second Dizzy-Dick!!!!

    Fibromyalgia is no fun, my sweet husband has this along with military injuries. Give you wife a big hug from some old Oklahoma friends.

    1. Will do. Any excuse to give the wife a big hug.

  6. Sounds like you are well on the way to another fun adventure on the water!


  7. Our weather generally hits Florida 3 days later. Nasty winds headed your way, 30 plus and gusting to near 50 from the NW...