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Friday, January 11, 2013


My dog, Brownie the Sailor Dog, knows something is up. My lovely wife and I have been preparing for our Florida trip. The dog refuses to leave our side, as if we'd leave her behind. I can't walk to the van without her quickly jumping in.

When we have to leave her alone at home for a couple hours, she finds interesting ways to amuse herself. She gathers up our footwear and jackets from the mud room and hauls them upstairs, where she makes a nest out of them. There's often a trail of shoes and clothes across the kitchen and up the stairs to the living room.

If we leave her in the van, she'll quietly lie down and patiently wait. She knows we'll be coming back.

Once we are finally on the road, she'll be fine.



  1. Well put it in the wind.Warm here till next week mabe you can make it without congealed veggie fuel this year.ooopps forgot this year you can keep a few in the camper.If you have time a day a blue springs state park is well worth the time.mantee winter home

  2. maybe your dog wants to be certain "am not left behind" when you depart


  3. They all seem to know the signs. Our little Dachshund is the same. Raining here. You may not have a pleasant trip down. Be careful and watch out for idiots.

  4. ft myers.....they are saying next 7 days mostly sunny skys and temps in the 70s and 80s......only feburary weather can be better than that

  5. I second what Gary said. Blue Springs is LOVELY! Bon Voyage!

  6. That is a great picture of Brownie!! He sure looks like a beach bum and enjoying it.

  7. Brownie is adorable, our dogs love going on trips, rides, and any where we go. They make sure to make you feel guilty if you don't take them with you. Dogs, man and womans best friend :-)