Monday, August 2, 2010

Coastal Camping

Went camping on the coast of Maine. Met up with family and friends.

The weather was too nice to come home, so I didn't. That's what happened to the Sunday post.

Did not answer a phone, turn on a computer, or even listen to a radio. It actually felt pretty good to be out of touch for a few days.

I'll be back at it after unloading and cleaning the camping gear.



  1. I need to do that. There's a place near a little slough off the Laguna Madre where I could park the pop up for free. The only downside is that it's near the highway. But going off grid for a couple days would do my spirit wonders... And I might even catch a couple fish for dinner!

  2. I am waiting for the seasons to change. I miss it, but not in 100 degree heat. Way to hot for me to kick it out of a tent. Must be nice to enjoy the summer fully, but I guess y'all say the same about our winters.

  3. Mayberry, it did me a world of good. If you can get away, do it.

    Namenlos, I've friends in the south who've hooked up AC to a tent. Only works in campgrounds, of course.

    I love tenting in the south during the winter. Made some good friends.

  4. Ha ha! I've seen folks at the lake with a window unit sticking out of their tent! Now that's using yer noodle!