Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Scale

Okay, I know I'm fat. I've got a mirror. But I'm probably one the most active fat guys you'd ever meet. I haul firewood, canoe, hike, hunt, fish, swim, and so on. My blood pressure is normal. I'm not on any medications.

So I bought one of those new electronic scales to see how much I actually weigh right now. Still don't know. Out of the box, the scale didn't seem to work. The lights came on, but I couldn't get a reading off it. Digging through the manual, the problem became clear. The scale, with me on it, is overloaded. No, I'm not going to tell you what the maximum scale reading is supposed to be. Maybe later.

The diet and new lifestyle starts today.

I figure if Namenlos can share his troubles trying to quit smoking, I can share my troubles trying to loose weight. Hope this won't bore you guys as time goes on.

Always was big. I'm 6'3" and muscular, been known to pick up small cars. Now I'm not just big but huge. The fat has got to go.

From time to time, I'll give short updates on how I'm doing. Everyone has struggles in life. This is one of mine.



  1. Damn I am boring, j/k. LOL The way I see it is my blog. It is going on in my life, and hell even if I fail if it helps somebody else then good to go . . . good luck!

  2. Sixbears,about 15 yrs ago I went from 200 to 290 didn't know why? Was tired most of time.A couple of female friends talked me in to going to doctor.I never go unless injured.I went thyroid gland quit working.Now take synthetic thyroid med back to 220.At 220 still have beer belly but I am comfortable with me.Good luck with your pursuit you seem like a determined fella I am sure you will make it!


  3. I'm a bit hefty myself, mostly due to my love affair with the barley pops. But I have noticed my shirts getting snug, and an extra chin, so I'm cutting back. Don't own a scale myself. Good luck to ya!

  4. You and I have enough in common it's damn near scary.
    You want to lose weight?
    Back away from the computer and take care of the homestead!
    Fix that latch on the chicken coop, butcher those extra roosters, fix that fence and ya know darn well those solar panels should be crankin' more volts (where's that conection problem)..and on and on.
    Maybe less computer time and more of what really matters.
    Keeps me (some what) slim ;).
    Hang in there Buddy..

  5. SixBears, Go for it! Weight can be a serious health issue especially when like me where weight and age can be a problem. About 10 months ago I had added and extra 35 pounds on top of the 45 pounds I was already over packed. As of today I’m down 60 pounds and counting. There is no real trick to loosing weight, no magical diet. It’s about over-eating or lack of portion control and simply taking in too many calories. I like home brew and apparently liked it too much because that’s where the weight gain came from. My opinion about eating is it’s an addiction just like alcohol, drugs or tobacco. Your body craves food in amounts that satisfy the immediate feeling and not what your body needs for fuel. Eliminate the pleasure drinks and junk food first then it’s about portion control. I eat any foods I want but in appropriate amounts. After a couple weeks of portion control (probably half what we consume now) it becomes very easy and your appetite is satisfied. 1500 to 2000 calories is all a person needs to live well. Good luck!

  6. I had the same problem this spring. I weighed 355 and decided I had enough. I'm down 79 lbs with 50 more to go. In true prepper fashion my workouts consist of 2 diffrent martial arts classes, I go 4 days / wk. good Luck