Friday, August 6, 2010

Ruger LCP in 380

I just purchased this nifty little Ruger in 380. It's my new concealed carry piece. The gun is small, lightweight and easily fits into a pocket. It holds six rounds in the clip.

Now I know 380 is far from an ideal man stopping round. In fact, I do own a Ruger P-89 in 9mm. Some people swear that anything less than a .45 is a waste of time. However, if 15 rounds of 9mm hollow point self defense rounds won't do the trick, then someone doesn't know how to shoot.

Here's the thing, the P-89 is a pretty big clunky gun. It's a bit awkward to carry during shorts and T-shirt weather.

The LCP is tiny and light enough to carry all the time. The small gun in pocket is much more effective than the big gun stored at home.

The day after I got it, I took it to the range. Shot enough rounds to get comfortable with it. That's another thing about carrying a piece -know how to shoot it. Right now I'm good enough with it not to fumble around in an emergency. More time on the range will only deepen muscle memory. That time will be spent.



  1. Sixbears,same here p-89 with 15 rnd mags,carry piece kel-tec PF-9.Pf same size as .380's but 9mm.P-89 one of most accurate pistols I've ever shot.


  2. The P-89 is as accurate as I can be free standing. It's fool proof reliability is what attracted me. Have a friend who was an engineer for Ruger.

  3. I'm a Texan. My six shooter hangs off my hip for the world to see (unless I'm out and about, grrrrr....) I need a concealable something or other. The "permit", not so much...

  4. NH's permit system is pretty much a nod and wave. No course. Must issue state, and it just a few bucks. Easy enough to save the hassle. VT doesn't require anything for concealed carry.

  5. VT carry and now Arizona too boot require nothing. That is how it should be like Vermont. It is ok Mayberry I practice civil disobedience in that regard.

    The Ruger 9mm is built like a tank. I bought my friend one for a wedding gift. I would say for the money the best deal in a NIB firearm hands down. I can see how carrying it would be uncomfortable. I know nothing of the .380APC pistols. I think I would get a MAK for the money if I needed or wanted something that small.