Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not enough hours in the day

Here it is, late in the evening on Saturday night and I'm just sitting down at the computer. Got up before the break of dawn. Dad headed out to go home after a month long visit. I wanted to make sure he had a good breakfast before he left. The old guy's just as likely to sneak out without eating, "not to be a bother." Not a good idea for a guy watching his blood sugar.

The early start still didn't give me time to do everything I wanted to do today. Helped some friends with their house project. Adjusted solar electric panels. Picked up drywall at the building supply. Ran plumbing. Hung drywall. Installed part of a shower stall today. By tomorrow the glue and chalking we be set up and I can hang the shower doors.

Got home before sunset. Made a bit of dinner for the lovely wife and I.

I had a lot of fun today. There's not enough hours in the day. A good book that came in today's mail. Hope I can get into it before I run out of steam. Most likely fall asleep reading in bed tonight.

Sunday looks to be busy. A couple friends are helping me pick up two truck loads of firewood. Anything not burned this coming winter is the start of next year's pile. Later, I hope to go back to the shower stall project and wrap that up. My buddy's wife has been more than patient waiting for her shower. Not a good idea to test that too far.

As busy as I've been, I feel pumped up and excited at the end of the day. I choose to do these things. I'm at liberty to pick my jobs. Had I been working for the man, I'd be twice as tired for half the work.

Can't wait to see what adventures tomorrow will bring.


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