Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dog Days

These are the Dog Days of summer. Today we mostly think of them as hot sultry summer days. Many think it's a lazy, slow moving time.

The Romans believed the Dog Days to be an evil time.

Both the old and modern interpretations fit this summer. There's a feeling in the air. Nothing big seems to be going on right now. It's a lazy time. Yet, there are indications of bad things to come.

The passing of Matt Simmons is a case in point. Reports say he died of a heart attack in his hot tub, or perhaps he drowned. Details are a bit unclear. Conspiracy minded individuals have suspicions that perhaps he was done in.

I'll say this. His passing certainly removed a loud critic of the oil industry -just when things seem to be getting quiet in the Gulf. Very fortuitous that a knowledgeable and informed insider is no longer making waves. Could just be coincidence . . . if you believe in such things. As for me, I have no proof, just nagging questions.

People in general are dissatisfied, but not angry enough to do act. Picture a summer day when the dogs are too hot to move. They just lie there, panting in the sun. Disturb them, and they may go mad and bite. Americans are like those dogs: inactive at the moment, but liable to go crazy at a moment's notice.

There's a stillness in the air, but it's the stillness before a thunder storm. Perhaps you too hear the rumble in the distance?

What's a citizen to do? As for me, I'm getting ready for a harsh fall and winter. Split a couple cords of firewood today. 40 ponds of green coffee just arrived for my storage. Ordered another 100 pounds of wheat. Picked up some self-defense rounds for the pocket gun. Just being prudent.

So how's your Dog Days treating you? Just soaking in the sun, or are you preparing for evil times?



  1. I am active cleaning and doing things outside all the sudden. LOL It is Texas no sense in complaining anymore about it. It is simply August and soon it will be September and the first front will find its way here to break this heat.

  2. Sweating in the sun,but preparing all the while.


  3. Prepping as much as possible, which ain't much in the land of the $300 electric bill. Cooler weather and half as much on the utilities will have me back in high gear. I can feel that storm coming...

  4. You guys are pretty squared away. Too many have their heads in the sand.

  5. Hi Sixbears. I should have come to your blog a long time ago. Thanks for the link on your blogroll...

    $119 electric bill for us this month. We run one window unit in the house when it hits 88 outside. The wife's heat rash explodes above that. Come doom we'll make a nice hut in the springhouse, ho ho!

    We lost the pig due to heatstroke... same day I came home with the deer. 100+ temps for so long was just too much for her to handle. Live and learn... next year I'll rig up a drip waterer in the pig pen and have the pen under better shade. I feel like shit for such poor husbandry.

  6. Hi Comrade. Been reading your for some time.

    Nobody does everything right the first time. We are all making this up as we go.

    The springhouse might do the trick. If the wife ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.