Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Break in the weather

By the afternoon temperatures had risen into the 50s. That was warm enough to paint. My lovely wife and I put one more coat of blue on.

Normally, the proper thing to do would be to wait for it to dry before changing colors. Who’s got time for that? Snow delayed the project once already. I hastily changed rollers and put on a very thin coat of green.

With luck, perhaps two coats of green tomorrow? We shall see.

The idea is to get the basics done as quickly as possible. If it becomes necessary to do some little touch ups, it can wait until we get to Florida. Winter, as we just saw, can strike at any time here in New Hampshire.

As you can see, the lightbar is still on the vehicle. It would have been impossible to remove it without disassembling too much of the interior. The lightbar was installed well before the interior was finished. It’s a maze of wires, pipes, hoses, cables and panels back there. I’ve decided to repurpose the lightbar.

The photo doesn’t show it too clearly, but nothing remains in the lightbar except 3 spotlights. The lights have been rewired so they no longer flash. I can turn them on from the driver’s seat. That was pretty interesting in itself. All the rotating lights and red lenses have been removed. Once fully reassembled there will be only 3 clear panels and everything else blacked out.

It’s coming together, not as fast as I’d like, but there’s little I can do about the weather.


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  1. ..I have never had a project come together as fast as I would like..otherwise it would be done before I started!