Monday, November 21, 2011

News Coverage

If you’ve checked out International news you’d have seen some in-depth reporting in Egypt about the new protests there. On the business side of things, maybe you’d have seen detailed analysis of Russia’s deepening economic ties with other nations and the talk of a new EU type system centered around Russia.

If you’d have been watching American news, you’d have gotten more pedophile reporting and maybe seen a bit about celebrities and their expensive shoes.

It is still possible to see good reporting, but not through the US media.

The lack of real news coverage is to the point where it’s an embarrassment. The lack of factual news coverage keeps Americans in the dark about important things that are going on in the world. Worse, many people get their “news” from programs that aren’t really news programs at all, but political propaganda.

A democracy, to function properly, needs a well informed populace. That isn’t happening. Controlling information controls the ideas that make it into public discussion. If most people are ill informed the issues cannot even be properly examined. They do not’t even know what the issues are.

It is said that the in the Valley of the Blind, the one eyed man is king. It doesn’t really work out that way. The one eyed man is shunned and ridiculed for the things he sees, but no one else does.



  1. This is first time i visited this site and got and idea an idea about local laws on chemical, gas storage between US and Europe.

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  2. The 'news' is no better in Canada. Six minutes of irrelevant blather followed by the daily 'feel good' story about someone's pet surviving cancer and then endless crap about sports. My wife and I have started searching for news from around the world. There IS a lot going on out there. Plenty of important issues are being reported on but definitely not by 'regular' North American media outlets.

  3. It's certainly hard to get a good take on all that's going on. I read a lot of on line news to try and balance it all!

    I don't trust any of the television "news" at all!

    Pretty sad!

  4. I have seen things happen and then saw it on TV news and in the paper, both were different and neither were correct.

  5. Like Dizzy said, the "news" is full of factual errors, omissions (intentional or otherwise), and downright lies. It always seems the UK papers have more and better reporting on what goes on here than any of our "news" outlets. "Boots on the ground" bloggers are the best source I've found. Folks in the thick of whatever's going on around them.

  6. ...yep,alternative news sources for me also,can't remember the last time i read/seen "local" anything...

  7. mainstream media IS WORTHLESS. keep the population entertained and not is SO BIASED it is shocking. Local stuff is fine but for international news and actual articles on domestic issues I read online only. I have a friend who said to me 'I only watch CNN for news because FOX is so biased'..I siad to him ' you go to CNN because it is news biased towards the way you already you like it..'..we don't chit-chat about the news much anymore ;)