Sunday, November 6, 2011

Too soon

Today I saw the local Walmart had a visit from Santa. That’s way too soon in my book. We just got over Halloween, and we are weeks away from Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time please?

How desperate are stores getting?

It’s bad enough that everyone goes nuts the day after Thanksgiving. Personally, I make sure to do no shopping at all that day. Some crazy things, like a shopping frenzy, I’m happy to avoid. At least Black Friday is after turkey day. That’s barely acceptable.

In the spirit of getting the holiday stuff done early, I’d like to be the first to wish everyone a Happy Easter.



  1. I don't do any extra shopping for Christmas. That is not what it is all about.

  2. The times I've actually done the black friday shopping have actually been productive consumer fun. I got some excellent deals (including this laptop I'm typing on, and I enjoy the goofball madness of all the crazy folks out there scrambling for the deals

  3. ...yep,the 'layaway' line at the local chinamart was fifteen deep here


  4. It is too soon. Christmas items were being put on shelves the last few days before Halloween. I buy very few gifts. I give the family a check and wait to see if they tell me what they bought with it. They are a lot younger than I and have more time to fight with those crazy crowds. The last after Thanksgiving sale I went to was in 2000 and I will try to never do that again.

  5. Wally World has the Christmas music,too.2 months of Christmas music? I'd go nuts.

  6. I've gone through all the craziness of holiday sales that I ever intend to!

    Worked in retail a good deal of my working life, and believe me...that was plenty!

    No more for this old man!

  7. This is the first time I got all my holiday shopping done by june including the turkeys. I did wait till Oct for a sale on a couple of prime ribs. It's a great feeling knowing I don't have to shop again till next year unless I want too.

  8. I refuse to participate. Today, while working outside I thought of a few people around here that I'd like to gift something to. Some I know, others I don't. Those people will be my Christmas.

    Two New York strip steaks for a couple who just rented a home after being homeless.

    Two flats of veggies for a family that took in another family = 4 adults and 7 children and two people are working.

    Our local barber who permits me to coordinate art exhibits in her business - and gives money, clothing and candy to many, many people here. I'm writing her a letter and giving her a gift certificate to the local pub - her favorite place to relax, across the street from her business. She has no car & lives in the back of her shop.

    Quart jars of homemade mixes for each member of our writing group. The tops will be decorated with the items they collect for me - bottle caps, pull tabs, clothing tags and dryer lint.

  9. Every year I get more and more disgusted with commercial holidays. They will hardly have swept the fake pine needles off the shelves before they get stocked with Valentine's Day (TM) crap...

  10. One of my pals is having an "Anti Black Friday Crafternoon" where we will all get together at her place and have fun making stuff. I can imagine only a few things more fun than getting together with creative friends, and few things less fun than going shopping (bleah!)

  11. Alison: cool idea. Maybe it'll catch on with more and more people.

    Craig: For a long time now I've looked at Christmas as an exercise in wealth destruction.

    Treesong: good for you! Like your gift list.

    Adventures: if you have to do it, might as well do it early and avoid the rush.

    Hermit: retail is hell.

    Wolfdancer: I once worked at a place called Santa's Village. Christmas music played all summer. Got my lifetime supply that summer.

    Mama Bear: Might as well avoid the craziness. Outside of a handful of items, the prices really aren't that great even.

    Ken: they are welcome to my place in line as I never lay away.

    Adam: I suppose attitude is everything.

    Dizzy: the best Christmas we had was when we were too poor to buy gifts. We had all the family over for a meal instead, and everyone brought a dish to share.

  12. ..I saw Christmas stuff up before Halloweeen even ended..I don't set foot in stores after October..Merry Giftmas!