Saturday, November 12, 2011

Experimental Vehicle #4

I’m gathering the materials that I’ll need to convert my ambulance/camper project to run on waste veggie oil. This will be the fourth vehicle of mine that I’ve converted. The previous were two Mercedes diesels, a 240D with manual transmission and a 300D automatic. The third vehicle was a Ford F250 pickup truck.

The new vehicle is basically a 350 van with a 7.3 turbo powerstroke diesel. I’m going to repurpose parts salvaged from the Mercedes conversions. I’ve two fuel tanks to choose from, some copper pipe, filter heads, heater cores, clamps, hoses, and various bits and bobs. I salvaged a homemade filter heater from the 300D for use on the pickup, but the truck is still in service so I can’t use that right now. Instead, I’m using something from the 240D.

I thought long and hard about reusing the 6 port transfer valve. It gave great service on the 240D for 400,000 miles. My only concern was the fact that it does have so many miles on it. I decided a new one was in order, just for heighten reliability.

If I was rich, I’d use all new parts for everything. As it is, I’m going to be tearing things apart and getting greasy. It can be messy work. Oh well, that’s what soap is for. If I was afraid to get my hands dirty, I wouldn’t be doing this sort of thing in the first place. Come to think of it, if I was rich, I wouldn’t be messing around converting old diesels to run on alternative fuels.



  1. At least the greasy you will be getting into is a lot more friendly than petrolium based grease. Doesn't smell like french fries?

  2. Veggie burners really do smell like french fries. However, grease from Chinese restaurants cause the exhaust to smell a bit like soy sauce.

  3. I think that the whole change over thing is great! Getting a little dirty is just the icing on the cake!

    Besides, who doesn't like the smell of french fries?

  4. Oh if I could only afford a diesel truck...

    Okay now, your google ads are scaring me. I'm looking at an ad for Alice Chevrolet in nearby Alice, TX. Que the Twilight Zone music...

  5. Well at least it doesn't run on poop.

  6. Hermit: fries are good.
    Craig: I paid $1600 for the ambulance.
    Google ads must be keyed to your location. Just guessing.

    Russell1200: methane power is a pain. Not too bad in a stationary power set up, but not the greatest for transportation.