Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November on the lake

My lovely wife and I took advantage of unseasonably nice weather for a little sail on the lake. Temperatures got up in the 60s and the sun was shining. Not bad considering we had an October snowstorm. Today was a real bonus.

This is the last trip with the crappy cobbled together tiller. Sunday, I’m picking up a custom ash tiller, well varnished, that a friend made.

The test of the new anchor was a success. Before the storms, we set an anchor off the bow and tied the stern to a tree on shore. In spite of some very windy weather, the anchor didn’t drag at all. The boat was right where we left it.

After an afternoon of sailing, we loaded the boat on its trailer. The next time we unload it will probably be in the Gulf of Mexico. I was extra careful to get the boat loaded exactly right for the long trip.

While the sun and air was pretty nice, the water was painfully cold. Some years people are ice fishing on the lake by Thanksgiving. As nice as the last few days have been, we could still get ice in a couple weeks.

By the way, did you notice that my belly got a good coating of bottom paint?



  1. Really good picture of you at the helm. Glad you got one more sail out of her before you pulled her out and loaded her on the trailer. Bottom coat is a nice color. . .

  2. Hey, if ya didn't get any paint on you, then you didn't do any painting.

    Looks like it was an awesome day on the Lake.

  3. As a round man myself belly spater and grease smudges prove i have been working . Isnt it amazing my wife never asks what have i been doing she looks at my shirt and asks WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING!She know i was into something because a lot of it will be on my shirt.Guess you got a belly bilboard to. glad you had fun

  4. I bet ya got keel hauled for insubordination to "the admiral" : )

  5. Beautiful picture and great "art" on that jacket!