Thursday, November 17, 2011

Unraveling before our eyes

It’s not often we get to see a big lumbering beast come apart at the seams. The European Union long fraying at the edges, is starting to lose some vital organs. It’s one thing when a tiny country like Greece is in trouble. It’s something else entirely when a big economy like Italy is on the skids.

Greece and Italy both have something in common. Neither of them are being headed by an elected official. Instead, they being run by hand picked technocrats. The EU gets upset by the very mention of Greece giving the citizens the right to vote on their fate. That idea got scrapped pretty quickly along with their head of state.

Anybody else suspicious why countries have to bail out banks that make bad decisions? In a capitalistic society, business that make bad decisions fail and smarter businesses take their place. Instead, we have countries saving banks -to the point where the countries themselves are in danger of failing. It’s all very curious. Turns out countries are not too big to fail as they are failing.

How long can these shenanigans continue? I don’t rightly know. Frankly, I expected the whole house of cards to come falling down long before now. I did not factor in the creative abilities of the masters of deception. Like a juggler who keeps adding balls, clubs, knives and running chainsaws to the mix, everything is still up in the air and spinning around. Everything is moving too fast for the eye to follow, the circus goes on. All that action and theater keeps us transfixed in amazement.

I had to ask myself, what is the incentive for the extraordinary effort to keep the game running? Well, every year the average Joe gets a little poorer. Somewhere, someone has got to be getting a little richer, maybe a whole lot richer. As long as there’s something left to steal, the games continue, the beast shambles onward.

When the EU finally gasps its last and ugly beast dies, the stink will travel around the world, sickening us all.



  1. Great Britain was smart not to join the EU. A central bank is a danger as we are finding out with the Fed.

  2. "the stink will travel around the world, sickening us all."

    Yes, it will, my friend. God help us.

  3. There is a economic crap storm coming and its because the EU has not solved any of its issues. They keep on delaying them instead of fixing them. Its like gangrene and the US is about to find out what happens when you don't amputate.

  4. The EU should serve as inspiration for the morons in our government to stop their games but, that's wishful thinking. There's too much of their own financial worth at stake, not to mention how beholding they are to lobbyists, banksters and other assoiciated crooks. We commoners would be hauled before a judge and given our due sentence. Not these crooks. Remember that as our cities and states go bankrupt and more restrictions are placed on all of us.

  5. Well said Sixbears. How long can the Jugglers keep up the jugglin?