Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Free government backup service

The NSA probably has copies of all our e-mails.

Now many people may think of this as a huge invasion of privacy. Isn’t that silly? The government would never do anything to infringe on our rights.

Obviously they are providing a free backup service. How many times we’ve lost e-mails, thinking they were gone forever? Fortunately, the NSA has thoughtfully saved copies of all those e-mails.

Isn’t it nice to know our tax money is going for something good? Now since we’ve funded the NSA, and the government works for its citizens, a simple request should produce copies of all those e-mails.

Keep up the good work NSA.



  1. Happily, the british governement is now trying it's best to provide the same service to people in Britain. When they were in opposition, they did their best to scupper any such idea though, and some people now are not happy about it...I don't quite get it...

  2. I am so glad I don't need to pay Carbonite any longer.

  3. It is about time we get something for our tax money (grin).

  4. Oh good, because I accidentally deleted an e-mail that had all my "domestic terrorist" buddies' phone numbers. How can I download my stuff?